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Labeling of Beer

Items that must be shown on the labeling of domestic beer are determined by the Liquor Industry Association Act (5 and 6 of 86th Article, Enforcement Order 3 and 4 of 8th Article) and the Food Sanitation Law (11th Article, Enforcement Regulation 5th Article).

In addition, the Fair Competition Code concerning Representations of Beer was enacted in 1979 under the authorization of the Federation of Fair Trade Conferences to protect consumers' right to be able to choose appropriate goods and to secure fair competition among the manufacturers. Currently, each beer manufacturer observes labeling legislation based on the above Cord.

In July 1995, the Product Liability (PL) Law came into effect. This was an attempt to systematically protect consumers from accidents involving products. Though information had previously been shown on labels concerning product handling, unified labeling including details of dangers was now adopted.
Unified labeling for bottled products was adopted first in 1995, while labeling for all other products such as cans and kegs for home use was adopted in the summer of 1996 following an actual incident concerning a product which exploded after being left in a car.